PRECIOUS BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED (08475517) is a new company, incorporated in Companies House in England and Wales. The company aims to providing high-level expertise in business marketing administration and development, distribution strategies and marketing of the businesses & their products.
Initially the company will target the business in United Kingdom and as it grows it will take on people and consulting work in other related markets.


Our primary focus will be to work closely with clients and help them succeed in setting and meeting their goals. We will offer total support and a commitment to communicate their ideas in a strategic, creative, and cost-effective manner.

Company Ownership

The Company will be owned by Miss Pallavi JAIN who has completed his post Graduate degree in International Business Management successfully.
Miss Jain is a very competent, hardworking, honest, reliable and professional person. She has strong personal professional relationship with the business people.

marketing plan

Market Segmentation

The Company will be focusing on a very specific part of the business market:

Small Start-up Companies

These small start-up businesses can rarely afford business consulting services and don’t have the in-house expertise to create strategic business plans. Their focus is always on getting a product or service out to customers. The numbers of start-ups increase each year in all major industries and service areas. The company believes that this is an undeserved market segment and that we could provide an invaluable service to these target clients.

Existing Small Businesses

These companies have already reached some limited success and are planning to expand their operations. Typically, they haven’t used business consulting services in the past. Perhaps the success of their product or service is only hiding marketing problems in the operation that will emerge as greater pressure is placed on the company performance. Each stage of growth in a company presents challenges that can hurt its performance and success. We can provide these companies a focused business approach that is responsive to unique client demands, assisting them in achieving their future sales goals.

Strategy and Implementation

The Company will focus on the small start-up companies and existing small businesses that need business consulting but therefore could not afford outsourcing the development of strategic marketing plans.

Competitive Edge

The Company’s competitive advantage is twofold:

  • The Company is targeting customers that the large professional marketing consulting firms don’t actively pursue. The broad range of services that the company can provide to its customers.

Sales Strategy

The Company’s sales strategy will be based on systematic person-to-person contacts with new and growing businesses. A list of potential customers has already been compiled and will serve as a launching pad for marketing the group’s services.

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